Weekly inspiration

We are Friday, and, as ever, I didn’t find the time to post all the amazing stuff I stumbled upon this week. You never know when you won’t find the time to post, and as I’m not a professionnal blogger, I don’t write my posts on week-ends. Anyway, let’s go for the weekly cool stuff round-up.



• The wonderful photographs of Alyz are a must see for retro/moddy effects lovers. 
• 20 corporate brand logo evolution. As the title says. Pretty inspiring, and shows the tendancy to overwork logos nowadays.  
Things graphic designers like. Okay, this is just scary.  
• 15 inspirationnal pink websites. Pink is good.  
• Augmented reality makes such a fuss. This is a really cool example of it’s numerous use. 
• 15 things I wish I had known when I started my first blog. Very useful.
•  My friend Purdey made those cute sequin-made pacman thingies. I’m in love.
• What makes a good creative director?  
• Love to make list? Makefive

• Some yummy vintage japanese stuff. That’s why I love graphic design.

• Your inner bits have never been so sexy. Cune fashion wear


And now for something completely different…
I’m off to a little week-end in the charming country of Scotland. Let alone my lack of laptop there, I won’t be blogging much there, as I’ll probably spend my time in pubs or museum, or drunk in museums. Have fun and thanks for reading!