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Howdy everyone!
As ever, I was caught in a storm that fored me not to upload my pics on flick’R. Actually, my cat ate my USB wire. Errrr…. Then, here we go, for some random cool links.

Politically related :
The French internet is suffering from an intense political debate, intending to attack the privacy of web users. Firstly made to prevent illegal downloading, we’re now confonted to an insanely stupid law, which intends to cut your internet access for at least a year if you’re suspected of downloading illegaly. As we all know, knowing exactly who has been using P2Psystem is almost impossible. Of course, people in charge of this law have an an astronomical knowledge of the internet. Such as: ” if you download a file in Japan, it’ll take 3 days to come from there. The farthest, the longer the downloading…” (That was saif by Pascal Nègre, the actual president of Universal Music France.) Anyway, if you’d like to learn more about France becoming the democratic republic of China, give a read to this website.

Type-related :
Watches the watchmen. Ilovetypography published this link to an interesting interview of Corey Holms, the designer of th film logo. Interesting insight on the design process from original material to massive printed posters.
The art of ligatures
, for type nerds only.
A letterpress-made gun. Beautiful.

Design related :
Cool books hooks. I could really use this.
The new Chanel bag is ace. Though Karl is a proven alien from transexual transylvania, I must admit he has somewhat of a talent tomake me want to become rich.

Creativity related :
My friend Samir posted an interesting blog post about spring-fling creativity. Be sure to check his other posts, as you might find valuable informations about creativity, and procrastination too (he’s as good as me at that game).

Nerdy related :
On a funnier side, an extract from Om Shanti Om, that I find particularly hilarious.
I’m learning hindi guys. Hence the bollywood complex. But I highly sugget you to take a look at the devanagari alphabet: a good load of headaches to come. Remind me when I started to have a look at Malay language, only to discover that they were counting with ananas and rocks. Why so complicated?!!

Have a great week everyone,
Time for a glass of milk and a good night of sleep.


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  1. Strange how the “Om Shanti Om” extract reminds me of a swedish movie:

    Return of Khiladi:

    Kops (Swedish comedy):

    How did that happen?

  2. Zélia says:

    Actually, it’s a true reference to Kops!
    This scene is happening during a film award ceremony, where indian actors compete to win. All movies are fake made in reference to other indian or non-inidan movies :)
    (The fact that it features Akshay Kumar has probably an impact on my decision to post this here ^o^)

    Thank you for the input! Nice to see someone has seen the reference.
    (I’d like to see Kops, as I’ve only see this scene by now.)

  3. Samir says:

    All great finds, Zélia, and I’m honored to be included in the line-up.

    But what is this you say about my procrastination skills? I’m only AS good as you?! This is an outrage my dear, and there will be consequences! Why, everyone knows I am the Master of Procrastination without equal.

    My honour must be cleared! I challenge you to a procrastination duel!
    … actually, wait, maybe later …

    Samir ^_^

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