One year

Kosuke Ikeda

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Ilovegraphics. I can remember the painful nights spent learning WordPress, correcting glitches, trying to understand the basics of Html, and most of all, spending time trying to imagine what the future of this blog would be.

Truth is, I didn’t post as much as I hoped to — I guess that’s part of the doomed blogger’s life. Real life has catched me back, and forced me into many time consuming activities such as reading books, watching the sky, and talking to cats. One year ago, I was wondering if I had to quit my job as a junior art director, and try to find a new activity. One year ago, I wondered what I could do with my life, as it seemed to me that things weren’t that good. One year ago seems like a pretty long time ago. During this year, I’ve made new things, met new people and new friends, learn quite a few tricks, and most of all, bought a wonderful little house with my significant other. Seems like things have finally gotten better.

What now? I’ve got a whole brand new year ahead of me, coz I renewed the domain name  for Ilovegraphics. And now that I’m settled down, I’ll sure try to post more. Until life gets me back again.
Happy birthday, blog, you really helped me a lot :)

Charming illustration by Kosuke Ikeda