The awful lack of creativity.

Hello, hello, dear friends and readers.
As always, I thought about starting this blog-post by the ever-incessant complaint about how I didn’t have time to write anything. Because, well, I actually didn’t take time to sit down for a while and write something, which, on one hand, is a sure symptom of someone not being able to manage her own time. Thus, on the other hand, is also a far more interesting symptom of “lack of creativity syndrom”.

This barbarian name, applied to a barbarian state of mind, is revealing the truth that I’ve been hiding for month now.
My creativity flow is low. My imagination is on standby mode. My ability to live, breath, and feel creative is gone far far away.
This is a problem. A hugeeee problem, mind you. Especially when you work in the creative field. And especially when you’re always descibed as the creative person of the team.

When there’s a problem, there’s a solution (& I really do hope there is). So, what’s the key to being productive again?
Actually, I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately — I was a bit worried at first, but as every disease I got, I’m pleased to observe evolutions and interesting developments it gets into.
That’s the “little chemist” syndrom, but I oughta talk about that later.
As part of the analysis, I had an observation about myself and other designers I know… (Sorry guys, you were part of a huge lab experience, you can now go back to your normal lives)

First of all, we’re not all equal in creativity flow. Some still manage to get busy and imaginative, while others get burried under everyday-work matters. This might be part of a motivation problem. So, first item I wrote on the list: lack of motivation.
Then, I noticed we felt like we had no time at all. Which is pretty true. But… the more you do, the more time you seem to got.
This, I called it: Unability to do things.
That was not because lack of time, but because we were too tired to do anything.
Symptom number 3: you’re tired.
All of this leads to symptom numer 4: Boredom. Being unproductive makes you bored. So you feel unmotivated. And you don’t do anything. Your brain starts to melt. And then, you’re tired.
This is a viscious circle that makes you drown under the deep sea of brain-dead designers. Being a creative designer means to be creative outside the job timetable too. So that does not only affect your workflow, but also your life, and even worst your well-being.

So, what’s the solution?
I’d say… Getting challenged.

First, get a few days off work. And do whatever you please, just for you.
And then..

Do something new. Surprise yourself. Kick your own ass into making things. Find the time.
A night spent in front of the TV is a night not well spent. Go and see people. Discuss. Start projects. Mostly, find new things enjoyable — may it be cooking, gardening or whatsoever.
The more you’ll talk with highly creative people, the more you’ll find that they just force themselves into being productive all day long.

This is difficult. This is painful. But this is also pretty interesting to try once in a while.
Just as some do a home cures during autumn, this is just a “creative cure”.

The challenge ?
Take two month, to get to the end of the year, to get highly creative. Imagine a project of something you’d really enjoy doing. 2 months, to produce something original, funny, awesome or using adjectives that my lack of english knowledge don’t let me use. New portfolio? New website? Blogging everyday? Drawing 1 thing a day? Build a wood house in the garden? Re-decorate your home? Change your fashion approach? Learn something new?
I say, see you in 2 months. for now I’ve got my own ass to kick.


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  1. FeryKloucek says:

    Hey, it looks like You’re pretty tired! Hmm, sounds bad but I think it’s a normal part of life of creative people.. It’s a big fight of Your mind now! But as You write, You’ve chosen good things to get back! Be relaxed and do all the other things is the best way I guess! :)
    So I wish You to be back as soon as possible :)

  2. Zélia says:

    Well, i guess uou could call that tired. That’s been a busy year for me, with lots of things to do questionning, and projects. But, hell yes, I’ll be back on rack pretty soon — because above all, i live to do things !

    thanks for the support anyway, I’ll do my best !

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