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“I’m a believer in what I like to call “hardcore” design. This is design focused on results. It can employ any of a multitude of treatments. It’s not personal in nature, unless this is in fact necessary. Hardcore design is driven by insight, strategy and purpose.”

Eric Karjaluoto in Fuck Style

It seems to me that when you deliberately reclaim yourself of Hardcore design, people always find a way to spit at you. Eric really makes a point there and I definitely thank him for that.
We’re not here to make things pretty, nor stylish for the sake of it. We’re here to serve a purpose and function — the client’s.
Aesthetics play a role, and so do grids, visual culture, type knowledge, balance, contrast and the like.
Not trends. Not glossy effects. Not flourishes.
This is graphic design.


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  1. Ryan says:

    This is very true and something I’d say most designers miss.

    I spent years at Uni and College chasing trends and styles and not once do I remember being told “you’re doing it wrong!”. It’s very sad and embarrassing but I intend to make huge changes in the coming decade.

  2. Zélia says:

    Well, I don’t know if chasing trends might be considered “doing it wrong” either… It’s all about context. Some design can bare the trendy effects, some others don’t.
    In the end, it’s always a matter of problem solving.

  3. Ryan says:

    I think my problem was focusing on the wrong things, rather than problem solving I was stylising… Then I got into coding and it all went to hell :O haha

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