Impermanence, changes, and life with a kid.

When we moved to the UK, about 4 months ago, the plan was to try it out for 3 months before fully committing to this new life abroad. The plan also involved freelancing for a while. The plan sounded all good and safe.

Plans, as a matter of fact, never turned out the way we expected them to in the past years. We should have known better. 
In less than a month, we felt there was no going back to France. In less than a month, I had a new, unexpected permanent role at Amazon. The safe plan is turning into a life changing experience.

Time has never passed so quickly before. Probably because making the move with a toddler creates a time vortex in itself. Day-to-day life is made of zillions of milestones –  new words, new teeth, new everything that aggregate with the already incredible amount of novelty moving abroad and starting a new job bring.

Strangely enough, this doesn’t even feel insecure. The sense of impermanence that surrounds us makes things easier. Plans are getting crazier and crazier. Possible destinations are getting farther and farther. In the hope of building a legacy for our daughter, we’re finally getting to do everything we ever wanted to.

That was the most unexpected part of the house/kid/cats/car plan.


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