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Vintage Packagings (Hait nets)

We all need a bit of vintage goodness from time to time. Especially when it got some scarily looking pin-ups girls on it. What do you think? Would you use a hair net now that you’ve been introduced to them? Thank you for sharing, the dieline!


Once was the Letraset

Can one be nostalgic for something he or she never knew? Cause I sure do. Whenever I stumble upon something letraset related, I dream of having to set up things the old ways. Which of course, I’ve never had the chance to my whole life. I’m really thankful for Creative Pro to have uploaded such [...]


Japanese vintage manners posters

Pinktentacle released a fabulous serie of vintage japanese metro manners posters. Go take a look at the gallery and read the quite crazy explanations. For my guilty pleasure, some eye candy blankly pasted without further explnation…