selfportraitHI, I’M ZÉLIA.
I’m french, and that’s my main explanation for the use of odd words all around this website.
I’ve started writing here around 2008, mainly to practice my english, and quickly got addicted to pretending having things to say.

I’ve studied fine arts and graphic design, and have been working in the field ever since I graduated, back in 2007. I do love anything related with design and arts, but have a pretty wide range of random interests up my sleeve. Like speaking Japanese, or watching bugs or analyzing political and sociological questions in Sci-fi books. When I was 6, I tried to make pineapples grow under my bed with a desk lamp. It almost worked.


My latest about page read:
I love pushing pixels around, eating, cats, video games and above everything, complaining.I wish I could be a highly fashionable and glamourous designer, wearing some incredible high-heels and it-bags, driving a shiny vespa, and having a fantastic trendy life, while speaking smartly about my job and my ambitions. Unfortunatly, nature never gave me the ability to walk on heels, I only ride a bike, my life mostly takes place during daylight  and I usually open my mouth to swear…

This never happened. Sorry.

Contact me at ilovegraphics [@] ymail.com


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