Everything (official) you need to know about me.
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As head of Creative and partner at Mobiento / Deloitte Digital, Zélia leads a team of forward thinking designers, strategists and creative technologists. She focuses on next generation products and customer centric innovations, often but not always, around mobility and connected technologies. 

She's been Presiding the Digital Craft, Interactive and Mobile jury at Eurobest as well as part of the Cannes Lions mobile jury, Guldägget interactive and the Dubai Direct, interactive and innovation Lynx.

She has been speaking on international stages at Eurobest, the ADCe Festival of Creativity, the Future Days, Front and United and soon at the Nordic Davos, Åre Business Forum.

She started her career about 10 years ago, at the French agency Casus Belli, before calling London home and leading some pan-european advertisement campaigns at Amazon. She moved to Sweden in 2013, and now works globally across the Deloitte Digital network. While her background is in UI and UX design, she has always been an aspiring writer and an enthusiastic strategist.

During that time, she's been working with customers ranging from Samsung, Volvo or Electrolux to Jean-Paul Gaultier and Cartoon Network. She has earned her marks around mobile experiences, collecting a variety of awards ranging from MMA Smarties, Grand Prix Stratégies or Grand Prix du Brand content. 

As a French native, she's got the ability to swear like a well-educated sailor in three and a half languages and is a worthy opponent at Cards against Humanity.

At home, Zélia is a mother of a young girl, that pushes her to get better. She has a cat, plays video games, reads a lot, and learns new languages.