Kappahl Life & Style
Digital product

Have you ever been told that a product should be so simple your mom could use it? Well, it's time to stop assuming that females above 50 are not savvy. That's the key insight we brought back to Kappahl, a fashion brand for moms in their prime age. Their consumers were screaming for digitalization, and fast.

In 2014, I was asked to create the product strategy and the hands-on user experience for Life & Style, Kappahl's loyalty club. I designed the first iteration of the app — and the product was a massive success. It won a gold for user experience at the MMA awards.

Let's ditch plastic cards already.


When designing loyalty products, you have to consider the full brand ecosystem.
The point of sale interaction has to be seamless. The offers, targeted.
I designed Life & style as a way to ease payments, and use micro-location to push relevant content to moms on the go. 

Kappahl in short

250 000 users in the first 4 weeks after launch
1 million user in Norway in 6 months  (the population of Norway is 5.1 million)
Offers in the inspiration section in the app converted to online sales 41 percent better than the equivalent offer in KappAhl’s traditional emails
73% returning users
16 000 daily users in Sweden alone