Euler Hermes - Credable  

Insurances have seen very little disruption to their business model in 400 years. Now that the time to innovate has come, it is critical for them to find out new ways to define their business models. But doing so internally is sometimes painful, slow and ineffective. Euler Hermes, part of the Allianze group, had decided to do things differently.

They created a completely new, external venture, with a 6 month objective: create a new product and be transactionnal.
We offered a complete team to support them, including design, research and technology. I was part of their advisory board, leveraging my knowledge of lean startup methodologies, and coaching them daily on how to use user insights, perform user research, create customer journeys and embed user centricity at the core of their processes.

Credable went transactionnal with selected clients in less than 6 months, and launched fully in less than a year.
You can read more about it here.