Brand experiences  
Connected retail

From reinventing a store concept in the middle of a city, to designing a seamless omichannel experience for an online retailer looking at a brick-and-mortar venture, I understand the whole ecosystem behind the consumer experience of connected retailers.

I have done pre-studies, designs, concepts, and full launches of different retail touchpoints for flagship stores, startups or payment providers.


Focus areas

- concept development 

- digital activations and installations
- in-store and out-of-store customer journeys
- payment solutions design
- use of augmented reality in-store
- business design of retail ecosystems including logistics and omnichannel customer journeys
- employee experiences

It's about more than just shopping.


Connected retail means enabling customers to shop how, where and when they want to.
Boundaries have moved. And when asked to rethink a shopping experience, the touchpoints might surprise you.

It's the rebirth of the store.


Stores are dead. Long live the stores. Videos of our latest flagship store to be uploaded after the opening in Spring 2018.

There's so much behind the curtain.


The employee experience is as important as the customer's. Using predictive data, beacons, and connected environments, we are able to empower the sales staff to conduct sales in new, easier ways.

Retail clients:

Sony Georges V
Urbit (Delivery Start up)
AMF Fastigheter (Real estate management)
Svea Ekonomi (Payment solution)
Paradiset (Organic food retailer)