Samsung uPick  
Digital product and services

Samsung wished to leverage the amazing traction they had in the Nordics to create a new partnership ecosystem, new touchpoints with their customers, and hopefully, new revenue streams. But the assumption was that advertising would not cut it.

I created the strategy for a new product, that would offer targeted offers based on the data collected by your phone provider. Because offers and bloatware are the mother of all evils, I designed a seamless user experience aimed at minimizing friction... and frustrations.

We went beyond native advertising.


Given the users' mistrust for anything advertising on device, we had to set new standards of execution.
We tailored the customer experience to serve peole with relevant content based on invisible data collection. The product ended up being one of the most used platform in the Northern Europe — copied in several other markets, and praised both by Samsung HQ and Samsung's partners for never seen before conversion rates.

• 6 000 new members / day
• 5 000 000 + users
• 1 400 000 + active monthly users
• Over 50% conversion rate on selected campaigns

During 2016 we helped uPick expand to an entirely new platform – the latest generation of Samsung SmartTV

uPick was selected by both Samsung Global HQ and Netflix as a best practice example for digital product development and activation