Volvo on Call, Next Generation 
Creative strategy

Volvo on Call had been Mobiento's flagship product for a long time. As a very early entrant on the connected car market, the app was groundbreaking when it first came out. But the product needed a new edge.

In 2014, I was tasked to re-imagine Volvo's value proposition of "making life simple" and to deliver a new creative concept for Volvo on Call Next Generation.

Rethinking the driver's user journey.


Connecting car is a great opportunity to impact people's daily lives.
There is so much you can do while they are actually not driving.
Most days, car commutes are just an inconvenience, and you need more to experience a truly simpler life.
That's when Volvo on Call comes into play.
Using predictive data, we created a personal assistant. Its role? Making sure to facilitate your everyday routines, from waking you up earlier in case of traffic congestion, to letting cleaners into your car when you are at work. 

Volvo on Call in short

Multi-million dollar revenue stream through the app

Launched in 30+ markets

Activation rate from 2% to >50% after release

Service ecosystem hub for in-car delivery, concierge services,
smartwatch integration etc

Awards include a Cannes Lions Gold in Mobile
and a Business Car Tech Award